Letter From Our Chairperson

Kristin Heckt - chair

Welcome to CT-CHIP!

The CT-CHIP collaborative is based on a fully insured, premium-based medical plan. CT-CHIP’s objective is to maximize the health insurance buying power of smaller districts and municipalities through partnerships, resulting in reduced administrative costs for employee health benefits. The collaborative pools resources and creates an opportunity for smaller towns and school districts to be a part of a larger group. The collaborative also offers a joint health and wellness component. Currently, there are 9 CT-CHIP members: boards of education in Bolton, Brooklyn, Canterbury, Columbia and Thompson and the municipalities of Bolton, Brooklyn, Columbia and Thompson. As chairperson, I am proud of this partnership of smaller school districts and municipalities that works to strategize and manage group health insurance costs, while maintaining an appropriate level of health benefits for our employees.

Kristin B. Heckt
CT-CHIP Executive Board Chair
Superintendent of Bolton Public Schools