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CT-CHIP was created to enable smaller school districts and smaller municipalities to collaborate under Public Act 10-174. The CT-CHIP collaborative is based on a fully insured, premium based medical plan. A fully-insured health plan is the more traditional way to structure employer-sponsored health benefits. Fully insured health plans allow the employer to pay a premium to the insurance carrier. The premium rates are fixed costs for a year, based on the number of employees enrolled in the plan. CT-CHIP increases the number of employees for each of its smaller members through the collaboration of all the member entities. Rates are based on the collaborative’s total employee headcount. The rates are then fine-tuned to reflect each member entity’s current plan(s) and pharmacy benefits. CT-CHIP is currently insured through Cigna.

CT-CHIP does not pool medical benefits. The collaborative pools resources and creates an opportunity for smaller towns and school districts to be a part of a larger group. All groups join the collaborative with their own medical and pharmacy plans. All groups continue their independent relationships with their brokers and/or consultants.

When a small group becomes part of a large group, they start the process of being rated based on their experience instead of small group rating. Health insurance carriers in Connecticut, typically will not share claims experience or utilization with groups under 250 lives. Because small groups do not have access to their experience or utilization they also lack the information needed to understand their rates or negotiate better rates based on their group’s performance. Large group rating is based on experience and utilization, so small groups who would now be part of a large group through the collaborative, would gain access to their claims experience and utilization. Having access to this to this information allows for a better understanding of how the group is running and also allows for stronger rate negotiations for the entire group on all future renewals.

The collaborative also offers a joint health and wellness component that is funded through Cigna’s Wellness Fund. The wellness initiative creates opportunities throughout the year to provide employees and their dependents with access to services, such as flu clinics and health screenings. The program also offers discounts, training sessions and programs through Cigna’s Healthy Rewards Program as well as third party vendors selected by the collaborative.

There are 9 CT-CHIP members: the municipalities of Bolton, Brooklyn, Columbia and Thompson as well as the boards of education in Bolton, Brooklyn, Canterbury, Columbia and Thompson. The collaborative represents about 1,500 members.

CT-CHIP is governed by a Board of Directors. Each CT-CHIP member has one voting Director on the board. CT-CHIP’s Interlocal Agreement or bylaws provide a framework for operating the collaborative.

Yes. For details, contact CT-CHIP Administrator Larisa Carr at 860-455-1546, or via e-mail at